Selecting the right kind of aerial machine for construction or industrial sites can be difficult. The spider and towable boom lift are incredible and have their advantages. But there are some limitations to both. However, combining both lifts can be beneficial for performing the job adequately. If you are puzzled about what kind of lift you should purchase or rent, then you should read this guide. It will help you better understand the difference between a towable boom lift, a spider boom lift, and a towable spider boom lift. Let’s look at the advantages of these.

Towable boom lifts

Towable lifts are towed behind the vehicles and move to the place or site of construction and job area. The tow behind the vehicle mechanism makes easy transportation of these lifts. The benefit of these lifts is that they come with outriggers that help in stabilization, and some advanced models offer self-leveling on rough terrain or uneven ground. All this makes it easy and quick to set up the lift at the worksite. The other significant advantage of a towable boom lift is that it will allow you to move during the operation at the job site. These lifts generally have a telescopic boom that extends according to your need and lifts you to the desired height. Using this lift can prove to be helpful in increasing efficiency and productivity.

Spider boom lifts

Spider boom lifts are generally compact in shape and size. Stowing the sider lift is also easy. You can hold it and drive it to the location of the job. Compared to self-propelled and trailer-mounted lifts, these lifts offer many of the same capabilities. The other excellent thing about spider lift is that it has tracks that work on the same principle as a bulldozer. You can take the spider lift on all kinds of terrain, even if it works efficiently on steep inclines. These lifts are made by keeping in mind the unevenness of the ground and ease of operation.

Difference between the spider and towable boom lift

Towable boom lifts may not offer you the height capacity that other aerial lifts in the market can do. Towable boom lifts are made lightweight for specific indoor uses. That’s why their capabilities for high areas may be limited. But you don’t have to worry if you have planned to buy a towable boom lift for a high place—all you need to do is find out the perfect model that will offer you lightweight and height capability features.

On the other hand, spider lifts still need a means for transporting as those are not towable. Moreover, like a towable lift, you cannot move the base of the spider boom lift during the operation. That’s why a spider boom lift can be slightly less flexible than a towable boom lift. But in the market nowadays, you can also get a towable spider boom lift, which will combine both lifts’ features and capabilities. However, looking at your construction site and determining what type of lift fits better is recommended. It will help make the working process fast, efficient, and safe.


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