Are you bored with traditional and old party wear ideas? Instead of becoming a vampire or a bunny why not try a sailor outfit? This idea is amazing to show your support to the troops. You will have different options in regards to sailor outfits but sailor hats¬†are something that is not distributed to different genders as men and women both can wear them without any distinction. Let’s have a look at how a sailor hat can be a great idea for your next party.

White Sailor Hats as an Amazing Party Theme

A sailor hat is just a white cotton hat that has a crown around it and the brim is fully stitched. It is worn securely on the head while the lower front edge is just one inch above the eyebrows not bent or rolled. Well, this is something that can change your personality completely. It suits everyone regardless of gender distribution. Just have a look at some of the reasons that support the idea of using it as a party theme.

Bring Newness

If you are tired of traditional ideas then this is something that can bring you uniqueness and newness to your party. The look is very simple and easy to attain so anyone can adopt it without indulging any color paint or mess. Just wear the hat and you are ready to go whatever your dress costume is.


The most interesting thing about the sailor hat idea is that you can customize it to the level you want. People customized white sailor hats with their logos for a personalized theme. You just need to create your sign or design your logo and order to make the sailor hats from any reliable platform. Additionally, they are also available in different sizes and styles so you have a variety of options to choose from.

Can Be Handmade

You will find a lot of tutorials on the internet that describe how you can create a DIY white sailor hat on your own. The process may require a little effort but can reduce the need to find the one. The materials to create the sailor hat are very easily available and cheap. So even a layman can make it without having any experience or skills.


A significant part of your party budget can consume the party wear so why choose an inexpensive creative idea that anyone can afford and make through? The white sailor hat is easily available in your near market or you can take it from online platforms without putting in much effort and time.

Group Costume

A white sailor hat as party wear is a good idea but you can also use it as your identity for your group while you are sailing. Just think about it, you are on a trip with your girls and your group name is customized on your sailor hat this will surely make your Instagram story memorable.

Final Thoughts

Exploring a unique party theme idea can be a hectic task, you do not want to use something that is already adopted by your friends. Just try to use a sailor outfit to make a unique identity. A white sailor hat is something that you can manage easily and can customize also.


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